Beard in winter? 3 tips to take care of it!

Lifestyle - 30 October 2019

Beard in winter? 3 tips to take care of it!

BY Barber Mind

Beard in winter?

Here are 3 tips to take care of it better!


We know that the long wild beards are giving way to shorter and more defined looks. The great return of mustaches and goatees makes us feel again in the 90s, and we don't mind. Whether you want to hold on and cultivate your long lumberjack beard, or that you have already given him a cut, don't forget that the beard, whatever its length, must be taken care of!

In winter the skin is more sensitive as well as our beard.

How to take care of it?

Here are 3 useful tips to best treat your beard in winter.

1. Cleanse

Whether long or short, be it a goatee or a mustache, the beard must be cleansed properly with the most suitable products. Using a specific soap for the beard can make the difference!

2. Soften

Do you feel discomfort when your beard grows again after shaving? No need to shave again, just soften it with a specific balm!

3. Feed

We know that you haven't seen the skin under your beard for a long time, but don't forget to take care of it, because the beauty of your look depends on it. In order to maintain all its vitality, the skin must be constantly hydrated and nourished. Get yourself a good shaving oil to do it the best!

Thanks to these tips, it is appropriate to say, winter will make you a mustache!



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