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Lifestyle - 27 May 2020


BY Barber Mind


eCommerce and pandemic: what do we do now?


For all barbers to listen, indeed, for all entrepreneurs and all those who want to innovate their way of doing business in times of Covid: how did you do during the lockdown? We mean: how did you do it from an entrepreneurial point of view? Do you have the reserves and the stimuli necessary to restart after the closure, or are you not having a great time? Were you able to feed the sales flow thanks to eCommerce?

Never before has this word been so important to an entrepreneur's vocabulary. eCommerce.

Do you think that during the lockdown, digital purchases exceeded the numbers of Christmas online shopping of the previous year, and that for consumer goods, online demand grew by almost 80%, interesting is not it? (source: Inside Marketing)

What does all this mean?

It means that it is important to anticipate the times in order not to have to chase the train. It means that for all of us it is essential to build and take care of our eCommerce platform in detail. Even a giant like Facebook is pushing in that direction, and we are sure that it will be the giants of marketing and communication to influence the way we will do business tomorrow!

The covid pandemic reminded us that the market (which always seems to us such an abstract and elusive concept) is actually based on a very simple principle:

you have a need, I will satisfy it in exchange for money.

Supply and demand, if you prefer the formality.

To this simple rule, however, some fundamental values ​​must be added to build a healthy, sustainable and respectful consumer and environmental brand. It will be you who decide how to define your entrepreneurial personality based on the values ​​that best represent you. We certainly cannot think that aggressive marketing marries the future. We need sustainable realities, from every point of view, also and above all from that of communication.

E-commerce therefore represents an excellent opportunity to respond to the needs of the consumer, but with specific attention and with an appropriate tone. In addition, the numbers relating to online sales recorded during the lockdown clearly show how eCommerce can support the economy even in difficult times, and for this reason surely many will already be improving their platforms.

This time, therefore, we invite you to take a tour in our shop, not to buy a Barber Mind product, but to take a peek at how we structured our eCommerce and maybe take some ideas, or why not, give us some advice.

See you in the shop, or rather not in the digital store!