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Freestyle Motocross

Lifestyle - 11 November 2020

Freestyle Motocross

BY Barber Mind

Freestyle Motocross

Street culture and solidarity.


Back in lockdown, hopefully for a little while. Luckily the barbershops stay open this time, so forget the electrician's scissors you used last lockdown to give you a tick, and hear this!

FMX, have you ever heard of it?

Of course yes!

FMX is Freestyle Motocross: a highly spectacular discipline born from jumps practiced in motocross. It is a sport born for fun, and also a little by chance.

In fact, some American Supercross pilots have started to jumps and stunts in flight. Then the jumps became higher and longer, and the stunts more and more spectacular.

Thus was born the FMX, which today is practiced mainly in demos - demonstrations to the public -, but also in real competitions with a jury of experts. Just think that to try out the most difficult stunts, the pilots launch themselves at full speed on a ramp, take off and land in a huge tank filled with pieces of foam rubber.

In Italy we have the Daboot team that is very strong, participates in Redbull competitions such as the X-Flighters and the Night Of The Jump, and is made up of Italian pilots pioneers and champions of this discipline.

Vanni Oddera is one of them, except that in addition to becoming an FMX champion, Vanni has decided to do something even more spectacular, even more than his tricks: bring the bike to the wards of hospitals where children with serious illnesses are hospitalized.

Motor therapy, would you ever have said that?

Well that's right!

The experience with motorcycles is electrifying for every child, and gives joy and new energy. Riding a motorcycle together with an FMX champion in the corridors of a hospital, only a person accustomed to stunts could have imagined such a thing! Only that due to the pandemic, during 2020 Vanni was unable to bring his motorcycle to the departments. But you know what they say ... if the mountain doesn't go to Muhammad ...

So Vanni decided to bring motor therapy right to the children's home, obviously with all the precautions and equipment necessary in this period. Thus was born the take-away mototherapy, a very special initiative we wanted to talk to you about. Go to Vanni's website and take a look at his projects, they are really very interesting.


We are Barber Mind, we are street culture, and it's nice to know that street also means solidarity.