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Lifestyle - 14 October 2020


BY Barber Mind


5 sports centers where you can play Padel in Milan and its province.


You know that sometimes we like to give you some sporting advice. In the summer we told you about a spectacular discipline: downhill. In the spring, however, when we were all in lockdown, we gave you some tips to train at home, with two posts full of tips (take a look here). For downhill it's starting to get cool, but training only at home, now that we can do it outdoors, is not the best. Of course, at the moment we can't play contact sports, so soccer and basketball are excluded. So, what is our advice today?

Go to chestnuts! We're kidding (although it's not that bad!).



In recent times you have certainly heard of it. Padel, or paddle, is an incredibly fun and dynamic sporting activity. As for tennis, it is played with rackets and ball, only the field is bordered by walls on which it is possible to bounce your shots. To play you need to be four, two per team. Take a look at this post, HERE you will find the rules of the game and useful tips on equipment. In the meantime, we advise you where to play padel in Milan.

Here are 5 sports centers where you can play Padel in Milan and its province!


1 City Padel, Milan

Via Anna Maria Ortese, In full City Life. Take the M5 and get off at the Tre Torri stop. We don't have to add more.


2 Paradise Beach Arena, Sesto San Giovanni

Via Giovanni Boccaccio 285, beach is also played here all year round, on the sand!


3 Sport Promotion, Milano Comasina

Here, too, padel, tennis and beach are played. Via Salemi, get off at the Comasina stop of the M3 and you are practically there.


4 Castelletto Tennis & Paddle Club, Settimo Milanese

Via Reiss Romoli, Settimo Milanese. A little off the beaten path, but great for those in the west.


5 Sporting Club Le Flags, Colturano

Great if you live south of Milan. The sports center is in Via delle Industrie 10, Colturano (very close to Melegnano). In addition to the excellent padel fields, you will also find 5-a-side football pitches (for when you can play soccer again, of course!).


Contact the facilities to ask to rent racquets, in case you don't want to buy them right away. We remind you that roasted chestnuts are not good as balls for the padel, so forget it!