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Post-lockdown hairstyles

Lifestyle - 20 May 2020

Post-lockdown hairstyles

BY Barber Mind

Post-Lockdown hairstyles

It's time to change style: here are our tips!


We know that when the barbers reopened you showed up in front of your barber with a Tom Hanks hairstyle in Cast Away, and we hope that during the quarantine you did not even start talking to a balloon named Wilson! During the lockdown, each of us sought original solutions to maintain a presentable hairstyle. Many have opted for some DIY fixes (which we have always discouraged, but which after more than two months is absolutely understandable), obtaining more or less acceptable results. Others instead decided to wait for the reopenings, letting their beard and hair grow wild.

In both cases, let's face it, for many it didn't go very well. Just as obviously it didn't go very well for us barbers, who had to wait long before we could go back to work (as well as many other professionals).

Our advice for post-lockdown? Play with ideas together with your barber! Indulge yourself in the search for a new style.

If you haven't had your family cut your hair, you have the right length to do it! If not now, when? When will you have such long hair again? You really are spoiled for choice!

You can opt for a man bob: a medium length in the Kurt Cobain style.

Or a voluminous fringe (male fringes are an important trend of this 2020).

Or even medium-short cuts with well-defined lines on the sides and lots of volume at the top!

Experiment and allow yourself the pleasure of changing, this will be your way of being reborn after the lockdown. We are born again thanks to you. Returning to work after all this time made us remember how intense the barber's job is, and how fundamental your presence is!

We are curious to know what your new style will be!