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To all boys and girls

Lifestyle - 27 January 2021

To all boys and girls

BY Barber Mind

To all boys and girls

Welcome back to school!  



Since last Monday, boys and girls from all over Italy have returned to school - obviously with several exceptions due to the emergency -, and after such a difficult year we can only dedicate this post to them.

These are our most sincere words to wish them all a wish, so that no one has to give up school anymore.

In fact, covid taught us that face-to-face teaching - in spite of all the digital tools we own - remains and will remain the best way to teach.

Young people first of all need socializing, sharing, comparison and intimacy.

School must be all of this.


It is not just the covid that makes school life difficult for boys and girls, but also their social and economic condition.

In fact, according to the most recent report by Save the Children, 1 in 8 students in Italy does not have a computer, and 42% of minors live in houses without adequate space to study.

The pandemic has therefore aggravated an already complex situation, given that in Italy every year 15% of students drop out of school.

Think about it: 15 out of 100 kids drop out of school.

Really impressive, doesn't it?


Just think that in the world, according to the Save the Children report, 1 in 3 young people do not have access to digital and new technologies, and because of the covid 9.7 million children risk not going back to school.

Our thoughts therefore go out to all the boys and girls, the boys and girls who have had to give up school for so long.

Barber Mind wishes you the best welcome back!