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Winter Running

Lifestyle - 13 January 2021

Winter Running

BY Barber Mind

Winter Running

5 tips for winter running.


Do you remember during the first lockdown how much we got angry with the runners? It was fun: you would go out for a run and people whistles at you from the balconies. Unfortunately, things have changed now, and runners are back to training without public. We are here to give you 5 tips to return to attract the attention of your viewers, even in winter.

Here are the 5 useful tips for those who want to start -or resume- running in winter.


1 Clothing

Running in winter is very pleasant, but you need to have the right equipment to enjoy running outdoor.

Get technical pants, a thermal shirt, a breathable sweatshirt, a waterproof windproof running jacket and running socks.

You will also need a neck warmer and earmuffs.

Do you already have everything?

Let's move on to the next tip!


2 Shoes

Shoes deserve special attention.

Look for the right shoe for you, considering that there are several variables to take into consideration: body weight, width of the sole of the foot, comfort, ...

Furthermore, there is pronation to consider, that is the propensity you have to unbalance your steps towards the inside or outside of your feet, which obviously involves abnormal wear on the sole, which must be countered with suitable shoes.

If you are at the first purchase, we advise you to go to a specialized shop and carry out a pronation test, to understand if and how much you need an anti-pronation shoe.

A large part of your way of running depends on your feet, and to avoid injuries you need to have the right shoes.


3 The Training Plan

Establish a training plan -you will find many training plans online to take inspiration of-.

Start without overdoing it, run two or three times a week, preferring the hottest hours of the day.

Follow the plan without obsessing yourself, listen to your body, it will tell you when you are exaggerating or when you could do more.

We will not give you a schedule for your workouts, because each of you has different needs.

With a simple search you can find the one that's right for you.


4 Free yourself from Technology

Smartphones, smart watches, applications; all useful things to train, but be careful.

Running means taking care of yourself. We already spend a lot of time in front of a screen, so we take advantage of running to breathe, look around and take a break from technology.

Get familiar with your rhythm and your breath -just breathe through your nose- and forget you have a smartphone.

Pick up a good playlist for running, and put it in your pocket.

Forget your phone throughout the ride.

Don't be obsessed about keeping track of your activities, very often we waste more time worrying about recording our outings, not being able to be carefree.


5 Enjoy it all

The race must not be an imposition, an obligation.

Look for your balance, your rhythm.

Enjoy the time and listen to what your body tells you.

As soon as you get through the first stages, you won't be able to stop running.

Learn about the techniques for a good warm-up and cool-down, familiarize yourself with your training plan, but don't get obsessed with calculating calories burned, or kilometers traveled.

Run for yourself, not for a number on your smartphone.


These were the 5 useful tips for those who want to start - or resume - running in winter.

Let us know if you can win the hearts of your audience back!