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Barber Mind Training

News - 6 May 2020

Barber Mind Training

BY Barber Mind

Barber Mind Training

Training signed Barber Mind.  



Some time ago we launched Barber Mind Training, our training content platform. But you know how these things go: between the work, the commitments and all the projects already in place, the project has remained a bit pending. We never stopped thinking about it though, and in these months of lockdown we have put it right.

Look for the Barber Mind Training group on Facebook: the group is private only to guarantee a high quality level, so send us the request! We thought that Facebook was the right platform to share our content: through this mechanism it is possible to create a close-knit community by avoiding the entry of non-interested people.

Barber Mind Training Group is a place where you can grow professionally and exchange ideas and opinions. You will find training contents - mainly free -, directed with coaches and trainers, webinars, tips and much more!

What's better than the Barber alphabet to begin with? That's right, this is our first content! (if you don't remember this project, click here!) Every day a letter of the manual (on the contrary, however, from Z to A), and at the end of the course we will provide the complete pdf!

We are also planning a very interesting Webinar: The 7 levers for the performing collaborator, but we will talk about this later! #staytuned