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Christmas '20 tips

News - 18 November 2020

Christmas '20 tips

BY Barber Mind

Christmas '20 Tips!

Advice from the shop, advice beyond the shop.  



For Christmas '20 purchases we have thought of something different than usual. Aware of how complicated the situation is, it seems right to give you some more ideas, in addition to advice from our shop. Let's get started right away!


Tips from our shop!

1 Pomades

Barber Mind waxes are always an excellent choice. You will make a great impression, even giving just one. As they say: little expense, a lot of yield.

2 Planet Series

Are you looking for a more important gift? Could a complete hair care line be enough? A shampoo, a tonic lotion and a grooming, Planet Serie has just what you need!

3 Gift Cards

Are you undecided, or do you want your friends to choose their gift? The Barber Mind Gift Card is the one for you. Choose the cut -25, 50, 75 or 100 € -, and give it to whoever you want!

Remember that for the whole of December, for every order placed, Barber Mind gives you a gift! We are a small Italian company, and we want to thank all of you for your affection and your trust in us.


Advice beyond the shop!

1 Donate.

There are many realities that need our support right now. Look for a project, perhaps from a non-profit organization or research institutes, and make a donation. This is certainly a great way to make a nice gift. For example, take a look at what Fondazione Pangea Onlus is doing.

2 Support local realities.

Many activities in your neighborhood, in your city, are going through moments of great uncertainty, especially in the world of food and catering. So do this: order your dinner from them, or some product that can become a Christmas gift, we know that behind the stove you only make disasters! Leave it to the professionals!

3 Thoughts.

They are a great classic, but they never find their meaning like this year. Your friends don't expect expensive gifts, so give small but useful gifts. The people you love will be happy, and you will save something, which maybe you could donate!

These are our tips for Christmas '20, never like this year we hope they will be useful to you!