Barber from A to Z

News - 13 November 2019

Barber from A to Z

BY Barber Mind

Barber from A to Z

Guerrilla Barber: two training days like we had never seen before! 


Sunday 10 and Monday 11 November were important days for Barber Mind. We have in fact co-designed and participated in an incredible event: Guerrilla Barber. Guerrilla Barber was born from the minds of Pierluigi Favia (Sen Martin), Hiro Vitanza and Rocket Marketing with the aim of creating an innovative training path: a path focused on management, marketing and sales issues.

Today we want to talk about Hiro talk. In fact, for two hours Hiro focused on the barber profession, managing to tell all the facets of this trade and the world of the barbershop with an innovative way: the Alphabet of the Barber. For each letter of our alphabet Hiro has associated a concept linked to his profession, thus managing to analyze it in all its complexity. Thanks to this idea an original manual was born, a really useful tool for all the entrepreneurs in the sector. Soon we will delve into each of these letters on our social networks, stay tuned!

Here's a little taste!



In addition to knowing how to choose the right training course to keep up with the times, increase skills and improve skills, we learn to choose the right trainer. Often, good barbers do not turn out to be good trainers. A trainer cannot limit himself to being good technically, but it is fundamental that he has credibility, communication skills, educational qualities, transmission skills. He must have been trained to form, otherwise he is just a good colleague. Another mistake that is often made is to form technically on the one in which we are not strong. True, it would seem logical, but if the secret was to continue to specialize each team member on what is already very strong, creating a team of specialists? WE MUST KNOW TO DO EVERYTHING BUT WE MUST BE EXPERIENCED IN SOMETHING!



The human factor, when working closely with other people, is the primary element. Whatever the goal or scope, what really matters is to share it with someone. Working together, failing together or celebrating together. The union creates strong teams. Knowing that you can count on those around you and having the peace of mind of knowing that, where you will not arrive, there will be someone from your team at your side who will come to you without letting you weigh them or reproach them, it means being a team. This means being one and sharing the same goal along the same path ... This is union. Surrounding yourself with people who celebrate your successes is the best way to combine a great job with a positive environment. WITH THE TEAM GAME YOU WIN!


One last thing! In these days we have also presented our fourth brand player! Her name is Rossella and we are very proud of it! The team is almost complete! We will look into this very early!

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