Barber Mind: an incredible 2019!

News - 8 January 2020

Barber Mind: an incredible 2019!

BY Barber Mind

Barber Mind

An incredible 2019!  


2020 has just begun, by the way: happy new year everyone!

Before talking to you about what we will do during this year, however, we would like to retrace 2019 with you. 2019 was a sensational year for Barber Mind, do you remember how many things we have done? We told you all about them in this blog. Did you miss them? Don't worry, here are the most important!

On the occasion of Cosmoprof '19 we re-launched our image with a brand new brand and a completely renewed style of communication. After a year, we can say we did the right thing!



What happened again? We have launched two new products: Iron Clay - our extra strong hold wax with a matte effect - and Fenix, the Hair powder able to shape the hair like a wax without leaving any residue, perfect for those who put their hair to the test hairstyle with a frenetic and super active life.

And then? We launched a very important video ambassador in which we told Hiro, retracing all the changes of the brand together with him.



That's all? Of course not! We also created our tutorials: very useful short videos to understand how to best use our products.

Finished? Not yet. The Box was born: a truly advantageous way to try our products if you are a professional in the sector.

And the grand finale? Our 2019 ended with an incredible collaboration with El Rana from which truly incredible wood sculptures were born, real works of art!

In short, we have done many things, and for 2020 we have many others in mind, starting from a new way of communicating on our social networks. Follow us to stay updated! Barber Mind's 2020 got off to a great start, and yours?

See you here every Wednesday!