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I'm Me

News - 16 September 2020

I'm Me

BY Barber Mind

I'm Me

Barber Mind is "Free to Be".  



“Tall, short, handsome, ugly, dark, blond, grizzled.

White, black, yellow, strange, normal, good, not good.

Who decides it? Who decides who or what we are?

I'm Me. I am me. #imme ".


Hiro Vitanza, Founder of Barber Mind



Barber Mind was born with two simple values: truth and honesty.

Barber Mind is "Do what you want" in its broadest sense.

We are true, we are honest, we are who we want to be, free to express ourselves, free to do what represents us, what we really love.

Barber Mind isn't just products, it's a community.

A community of people who believe in freedom from any constraint, from any form, from any social network, from the judgment of others. We are who we are, we are true, and we are free.

In a world spoiled by attention to the judgment of others and the importance of appearances, Barber Mind launches its first important hashtag: #imme.

I am me.

The only true judge of ourselves is us. We are free from any formal defect, we are free from any Instagram rule, we are us, just as we are. True, authentic, honest, wrong.

The same products of the Barber Mind line are born with this precise objective: quality and research aimed at representing what we really are, without pretending to change or transform us into what we are not.

We are tired of fiction as the basic rule of everything, we are true. We are us, I'm Me.

Join the community, share your stories, tag Barber Mind, spread the hashtag #IMME.