Movember is coming

News - 16 October 2019

Movember is coming

BY Barber Mind

Movember is coming

A Mo Bro always knows when it's time to sharpen the razor


Sharpen your razors because Movember is coming. Don't you want to be caught unprepared ?! No, we weren't wrong to write. Let's talk about Movember (November + Mustache): the special month of the year in which, since 2003, thanks to the Movember Foundation, has become the symbol of the fight against prostate cancer, testicle and male suicide. Movember Foundation has been dealing with these issues for many years, taking care to invest the money donated by the Mo Bros and the Mo Sistas in specific research channels.



Who are the Mo Bros and the Mo Sistas? Simple!

There are 5 million people, including men and women, who since 2003 have decided to donate to the Movember Foundation to intensify the fight against these diseases. Just to give you some numbers: prostate cancer affects one in eight men every year in Italy alone; despite this, half of men over 50 have never been diagnosed early with prostate cancer.

With this we are not telling you to run to your urologist to book a visit (also because we are sure that most of you do not even have a urologist), but we are inviting you to reflect on how these issues are underestimated. This is precisely why Movember is here: remembering to take care of us and not neglect our health, even when we feel strong and we think we are safe.

But what do you do during the Movember? At the beginning of the month you have to shave your beard and mustache, then you have to post a daily selfie on your Mo Space profile that shows the regrowth of the mustache (only the mustache, to make you grow the beard you will have to wait for December). That's why at the beginning of the article we advised you to sharpen razors!

Take a look at the official Movember page, because if you decide to donate, this is where you will find all the information you need to do it. In just a few steps you can become a Mo Bro or a Mo Sista, and support the Movember Foundation in its struggle.

It will be fun to do it with a beautiful smile under your mustache!



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