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The new Barber Mind ambassador is a woman

News - 14 February 2019

The new Barber Mind ambassador is a woman

BY Barber Mind

The new Barber Mind ambassador is a woman

She loves torn obstacles to opportunities and she likes things done to perfection

It seems strange to choose a woman for a brand that has a male audience, but Justine Romano embodies Barber Mind philosophy. She loves challenges and is convinced that the difficulties in life are an opportunity She says: "It's the tumbling down to unlock new situations and create the road to unexpected experiences". And that's exactly what happened to her. During her first pregnancy she finds herself without a job. She invents the project Funky Mamas: the blog that talks to new mothers. After a while the blog becomes a real job and Justine has another idea: to develop an online shop in which to sell her creations. As an unemployed mother, Justine has become a successful entrepreneur thanks to her courage, but above all through the practice and study that allowed her to acquire skills and achieve the quality she aspires to. She takes care of every detail and every aspect of production: from the choice of the best materials, to the craftsmanship of the best quality. 

That's why we wanted her as an ambassador for Barber Mind.