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There's no two without three

News - 9 October 2019

There's no two without three

BY Barber Mind

There's no two without three

La Barbieria di Milano arrives in Modena


On September 29, 2019, La Barbieria di Milano opened its third store. Guess where ... in Modena.

You may be wondering why a store was opened in another city, calling it La Barbieria di Milano anyway. Don't worry: you are in the right place to find out. First of all, however, some very important news.

The store in Via Vignolese 870, Modena, opens with another brand: Bottega della Barba , the number one retailer in Italy for men's care products. The shop is therefore structured in two well-defined sections: the shop, where it is possible to find products suitable for all your needs; and the barbershop, where barbers use exclusively our products from the Barber Mind line to take care of you.

Why La Barbieria di Milano and not di Modena? Simple: La Barbieria di Milano is a brand - conceived by its founder Hiro Vitanza - and is known throughout the world as a synonym of quality.

Why change it?