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3 must haves for your spring

Products - 3 March 2021

3 must haves for your spring

BY Barber Mind

3 must haves for your spring

Seasons change, Barber Mind remains.  



Barber Mind still believes in the great return of the mid-seasons, which as you know have long since existed. We are confident, we are sure that this year spring will come! We have our own ritual to make it arrive: recommend the 3 perfect products for your spring! Did you expect a dance around the fire? It is true, it would have been more spectacular!

Here are the 3 perfect products for your spring!




River is our daily shampoo, for frequent washing. Do you often use hair-waxes? Then River is perfect for you, because it allows you to wash your hair every day, without damaging it. Tsubaki oil, panthenol and almond oil for a delicate but persistent fragrance. The perfect shampoo for your spring!




Do you like being disheveled, but with style? Then you should try Ghost: our discreet hair-wax, perfect for defining the style, without weighing the hair down. Ghost is a real ghost, you will forget you applied it. Invisible, no shiny effect, just a lot, a lot of style.




With the arrival of spring, you may want to redefine your beard. If you are thinking of shortening it, or of shaving, you should definitely try Spirit: our after shave balm. Any secret? Try it after the most extreme shaves, even on the skin. Spirit tones, disinfects and prevents irritation. Perfect to face the new season with freshness.


These were the 3 perfect products for your spring. We are sure that our way of calling spring will work, otherwise next year we are all waiting for you for a dance around the fire!