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How to choose the right hair wax

Products - 17 February 2021

How to choose the right hair wax

BY Barber Mind

How to choose the right hair wax

3 Tips For you.  



How to choose the right hair wax and achieve the desired effect? How to recognize a quality product?

But above all: how would you do without Barber Mind answering your questions?


Here are 3 tips for choosing the right hair wax!


1 - The Basics

Let's start with the basics. Waxes can be water-based or fat-based. Water-based waxes are less aggressive and easier to remove -All of our waxes are like that! -.

In addition, professional waxes often contain a natural oil: we use tsubaki oil, which nourishes, protects and strengthens the hair.

Finally, check that the wax you are choosing does not contain aggressive chemical components: a good wax must be free of sls, sles and silicones, like Barber Mind’s waxes, of course!


2 - The style

Waxes are basically divided into two categories: medium hold and strong hold. In this case the choice is all yours. Do you prefer a soft styling, or a more decisive one?

In our shop you will also find the answer to this question: Roots and Ghost are our medium hold waxes, while Iron Clay and Killer are ideal for those who aim for more extreme hairstyles!

Make your choice!


3 - The effect

The last determining factor for the choice of a wax is the effect: glossy or matte? If you are looking for a discreet style, the matte effect is perfect for you - try Ghost and Iron Clay-.

If, on the other hand, you are more courageous and want to aim for a more declared effect, look for waxes with a shiny effect - such as our Killer and Roots -.



Whether it’s our waxes or those of other brands, from now on choosing your wax will be much easier, we recommend however: always pay attention to the ingredients, and always choose high quality products!