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Products - 30 September 2020

Barber Mind Shop

BY Barber Mind

Barber Mind Shop

A gift for every order.


Did you know that there is a gift for every purchase on our shop? Which? Read here!


Step1: with an expense from 0 to 50 €

You will receive as a gift some samples to try our products and the fantastic BM stickers!


Step2: with a cost of 50 to 100 €

Over € 50 shipping is free, plus - in addition to samples and stickers - you will receive our personalized bracelets!


Step3: with an expense from 100 to 150 €

Free shipping, samples, stickers, bracelets and… the Barber Mind shirt! Do not worry about the size, you can choose it while you proceed with the online order.


Step4: with a cost of over € 150

There is only one thing missing to be truly Barber Mind: our cap! If you exceed € 150, you will have it together with all the other gifts!


The only thing you can't do with our gifts is stick our stickers to your friends' cars, it's not cute and we haven't recommended it to you, otherwise no problem! See you in the Shop!