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Beard oil or balm?

Products - 7 April 2021

Beard oil or balm?

BY Barber Mind

Beard oil or balm?

From now, no more doubts!  



Do you want to take care of your beard, but  you’re not sure about the right product to use? Beard oil or beard balm? Here are some useful tips for you!



Oil is the ideal product to take care of your skin, as well as your beard. Do you have chapped skin, or do you feel itchy? The oil will help you hydrate it, you will feel incredibly soft! The oil is also perfect for short beards!



The balm, on the other hand, is perfect for the care of longer beards. Not that the oil is not good, but surely with the right balm you will be able to give shine and nourish your beard in the best possible way. Is your beard dry, dull and unkempt? Balm is for you!



Absolutely not! Oil and balm are products suitable for every type of beard. We recommend oil for short beards and balm for longer ones, because the balm on a short beard may be superfluous. For longer beards, on the other hand, you could also use both: start by massaging your face and beard with oil, then apply the balm to give your beard shine and vigor!


Still undecided? Here are some tips from OUR SHOP!

Bebop Oil: our beard oil rich in nourishing and moisturizing properties for your skin!

Bebop Balm: our beard balm that nourishes and softens your beard thanks to karité butter, bees wax and our secret ingredient: tsubaki oil!

Bebop Soap: the perfect soap for cleansing your beard!