Challenge the Hat!

Products - 6 November 2019

Challenge the Hat!

BY Barber Mind

Challenge the Hat!

Fenix: the hair powder that erases the signs of the hat


Caps and hoods have always been the enemies most feared by our look, but when winter comes we can't help wearing them, and that's how the disaster begins. Our hairstyles flatten out and take on embarrassing forms. How many times have you wished you could restore your look after wearing a cap?

Well from today, thanks to Fenix, you can forget about those dramatic moments in a desperate search for a mirror and a tap. Fenix is a discreet powder that at any time will allow you, with a few simple gestures, to restore your look and get rid of the signs of the hat. After the application Fenix will leave your hands dry, and will give volume and thickness to your hairstyle, fixing it again with a matt effect.

Follow our tutorial to find out how to apply it.


Feel free to wear caps and caps, or the helmet, if you use the bike; because from today there is Fenix to defend your look! We are no longer in the 90s, and it is no longer cool to ride a motorcycle with a helmet behind your head. Always carry Fenix with you and always wear a helmet! And don't say that Barber Mind doesn't take care of you!



FENIX HAIR POWDER: The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, because when it dies it comes back to life from its ashes. Thus also Fenix Hair Powder gives new shape to hair by using the hair itself. Guaranteeing a dry effect and a strong hold. Fixative, volumizing and thickening, Fenix is the product that was missing in the line, with a prodigious meaning like the continuous research and innovation that has always distinguished Barber Mind products.