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Are you a Barber? Join us in 5 steps!

Products - 28 April 2021

Are you a Barber? Join us in 5 steps!

BY Barber Mind

Are you a barber? Join us in 5 steps!

5 simple moves to join Barber Mind as seller!  



Do you want to know how to join Barber Mind as a seller? You can do it in 5 simple moves!

Check it out!


1. Go to, and click on "Discounts for professionals" at the top left

2. Click on the "Register" button

3. Fill in the registry, remembering to check the box "Do you want the invoice?"

4. Two drop-down menus will appear: Choose "Yes" for the first, and select "Salon" for the second.

5. Fill in all company data without forgetting company name, VAT number, email, PEC and SDI code.


DONE! Within 24 hours we will activate the price list dedicated to professionals on your profile with all the discounts designed especially for your salon!


We can give you at least 3 good reasons to enter Barber Mind as a professional:

-The profit margins we have designed for you are unprecedented,

- The minimum order quantities of our products are very low,

- Everyone wants Barber Mind!


What are you waiting for? the I’M Me community wants you!